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Police report against FB account insulting Islam

KUANTAN, Feb 19 (Bernama) -- Kelab Anak Muda Indera Mahkota (KAMI) today lodged a police report against a Facebook (FB) account, claimed to have insulted Allah, Prophet Muhammad and Islam.

Its chairman Muhammad Faiz Hashim said the FB account, known as "Murtad in Pantai Timur" (Apostate in the East Coast), also claimed to be an apostate and was rude by stating that Allah did not exist and also ridiculed Prophet Muhammad.

"The existence of this account was realised on Feb 17 and its contents tend to insult Islam and Islamic clothing, besides condemning those who cover up.

"KAMI, being against anti-Islamic misdeeds, feels challenged, angered and disturbed by the existence of this FB account as it insults Islam, besides inciting others to be apostates."

Muhammad Faiz, who is also Indera Mahkota Umno Youth chief, said this to reporters after making the report at the Indera Mahkota police station, here.

He said most of status uploaded onto the FB account were provocative in nature towards Muslims and using the East Coast dialect in the postings.

Muhammad Faiz wants the authorities to take immediate action against the offending FB account owner.

He said the account owner was also championing apostasy in the Darul Naim (Kelantan), Darul Iman (Terengganu) and Darul Makmur (Pahang) states as his motto.

The FB account is believed to have started on Feb 12 and has until now drawn over 2,000 "likes."


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