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Nooh Gadut: those who allow use of word 'Allah' in Bible can be considered apostates

JOHOR BAHARU, Jan 12 (Bernama) -- Johor Islamic Religious Council Adviser Datuk Nooh Gadut today said those who allow the abuse of the word 'Allah' can be considered as apostates and should repent immediately.

He said the word 'Allah' was the exclusive right of Islam and Muslims.

"When the doctrine of tauhid was clearly stated in the Quran and Hadis, besides the ijmak ulamak, then there is no compromise.

"If one dares to violate the doctrine on purpose and while being in a rational state of mind, he can be considered as apostate and infidel," he told reporters after opening the seminar on endowment and inheritance planning in Islam, here today.

Present were President of Malaysian Islamic Chamber of Commerce Tan Sri Muhammad Ali Hashim and as-Salihin Trustee Berhad chief executive officer Abdul Aziz Peru Mohamed.

Nooh said the Quran had clearly explained that 'Allah' was the exclusive word for Muslims as stated in Surah Al-Thaha verse 14 which means: "Verily, I am Allah. There is no god except Me. So worship Me and establish prayers for My remembrance."

"So, it is clear that whoever say that all religions are the same can be considered as an apostate.

"That is why when we talk about faith and the doctrines of the Quran, it cannot be based on political interpretation of either the opposition or the government," Nooh said.

He said if the use of the word 'Allah' was allowed in the Malay language-Bible, it would definitely create confusion as the Christian religion teaches that there are three different gods.

He also rapped certain quarters for meddling with the social contract which had been the foundation for peace and harmony in the country.

"If the issue is not resolved soon, it can lead to chaos. To whom it may concern, do not cross the line because I'm sure one day the Muslims will lose their patience and will do anything to defence their faith," he added.

On another development, Nooh said many Muslims in the country were unaware or having little knowledge about importance of will and inheritance planning.

He said this would lead to many more unsolved disputes among family members.

"Inheritance planning is very important to ensure that our properties will be well managed after we die and that all matters, including our debts and our children's wellbeing, will be solved and taken care of," he added.


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