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Youths checkout smartphones to grab RM200 government rebate

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 5 (Bernama) - Youths have been visiting shops to check out 3G smartphones while waiting for implementation of the RM200 rebate announced by the government.

A Bernama survey found that youths are excited and hopes the government would announce the terms and conditions for the rebate as soon as possible.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced the one-off rebate for youths for the purchase of one 3G smartphone in Budget 2013 to open access to information.

Nasronizam Abu Bakar Sidik, 23, said he could not wait to grab the RM200 rebate and is checking out the price of smartphones.

The private sector employee would like to know the procedures for him to be eligible to enjoy the rebate given.

"Do I need to fill forms and if so, where can I get them? asked Nasronizam who is interested in the Samsung Galaxy Tab, a popular smartphone among youths.

Nur Shahidaton Zulkifli, 24, said she plans to buy a smartphone to grab the RM200 rebate although she already own a smartphone.

"I am checking out one popular smartphone. With the RM200 rebate, the price of a RM2,000 phone will much cheaper," said the trader.

Nur Shahidaton hopes the government would give the terms and conditions for youths to enjoy the rebate.

"I'm not clear about the type of smartphone and price range and whether I get the rebatedirectly from shops or claim it," she said.

Civil servant Muhammad Abdul Kadir, 29, hopes to buy a smartphone to enjoy the RM200 rebate but it would depend on his need and the price offered.

"I am window shopping to find the best smartphone and if I have enough money I will buy it to grab the RM200 rebate," he said.

Sufi Suhaina Yusri, 23, said she could not wait to grab the rebate and is exploring the smartphones available in the market.

The nurse said the rebate reflects the government's concern for the needs and requirements of youths in the country and hopes it will please everyone.


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