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Apple's iOS 6 platform leads to drop in customer satisfaction: survey

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 26 (Xinhua) -- Apple's updated iOS 6 mobile platform has a lower ratings than the previous version of iOS 5 among iPhone owners in terms of customer satisfaction, latest survey results released on Wednesday showed.

Mobile customer research firm On Device conducted the survey of 16,000 iPhone owners in the United States. It found that customers with iOS 6 installed on their iPhones are slightly less satisfied than those with iOS 5 with satisfaction ratings dropping from 7.75 to 7.65 on a scale of 10.

Although the decrease is quite slight, it is the first time that On Device saw a drop in customer satisfaction for Apple, said the company.

"We have always seen an increase in device satisfaction as consumer upgrade their mobile operating system from one version to another," On Device Chief Executive Officer Alistair Hill told technology news site TechCrunch.

He noted that compared to the jump between iOS 4 and iOS 5, which shows strong improvements, the drop from iOS 5 to iOS 6 seems especially unusual.

The major concern about the iOS 6 is its maps service for which Apple ditched the Google Maps as a pre-installed application. It has been under fire from users and reviewers for geographic errors and less-mature technologies.

TechCrunch noted that the drop is not likely to affect Apple's iPhone 5 sales. Although the company had a hiccup at its mapping service, the overall satisfaction still has a significant lead over devices powered by Google's Android system.

Earlier this month, marketing firm J.D. Power and Associates released its 2012 study on U.S. smartphone customer satisfaction, and Apple ranks highest among manufacturers of smartphones in customer satisfaction.

According to the study, compared to other smartphones, iPhone series perform well in all factors, particularly in physical design and ease of operation.



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