Heroes Without Borders

Giant photographs pasted on the facades of buildings at Commune 1, a shantytown with one of the highest rates of urban violence in Medellin, Colombia. The municipality of Medellin hosts an artistic project called "Heroes Without Borders," an exhibition of 23 photographs placed in different facades and roofs aimed at preventing the recruitment of children by illegal syndicates. Photo courtesy: AFP

Winter storm

2015-01-27 6:21 pm

Ancient carnival

2015-01-27 2:01 pm

United Buddy Bears

2015-01-17 1:40 pm

Ice fishing

2015-01-11 3:09 pm


2015-01-11 9:52 am

Mother and son

2015-01-09 6:18 pm

Winter drill

2015-01-08 6:27 pm

No hands

2015-01-08 12:04 pm


2015-01-03 10:32 am

New Year dip

2015-01-02 6:27 pm