Feast of Devils

A Boruca native wears a devil wooden mask during the Feast of the Devils celebration in Rey Curre, 300km south of San Jose, Costa Rica. The festivity symbolises the bloody battles that the Borucas -- the devils -- carried out more than five centuries ago against Spanish conquerors, the bull. Photo courtesy: AFP

Santa on the beach

2015-12-22 3:48 pm

Tiger fight

2015-12-21 1:17 pm


2015-12-20 11:02 am

Ship carcasses

2015-12-19 1:54 pm

Christmas illumination

2015-12-18 6:53 pm

Star Wars craze

2015-12-18 10:24 am

Christmas lights

2015-12-17 6:30 pm

Birthday treat

2015-12-17 10:29 am


2015-12-16 1:18 pm

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