Lantern festival

Spectators silhouetted as they watch a dragon dance in front of a blacksmith throwing molten metal against a cold wall to create sparks to celebrate the Lantern Festival traditionally marking the end of the Lunar New Year celebrations in Nuanquan, Hebei province, China. For over 300 years the village, which is famous for its blacksmith skills, has maintained the tradition which they considered a cheaper alternative to buying fireworks during the festival.Photo courtesy: AFP


2016-04-14 4:01 pm


2016-04-14 3:26 pm

Festival at zoo

2016-04-13 2:23 pm

Beer mugs

2016-04-13 11:17 am

Water festival

2016-04-12 6:22 pm


2016-04-12 2:07 pm

Night show

2016-04-09 10:02 am


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Full bloom

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