Final farewell

After days of wintry mourning, heavy snow blanketed Pyongyang Wednesday for the funeral of North Korea's late leader Kim Jong-Il, hailed by the regime's propagandists as a sign from the heavens. Mourning will officially end on Thursday with a nationwide memorial service including a three-minute silence. Trains, ships and other vehicles will sound their hooters. Photo courtesy: AFP

Czech The Light

2014-05-17 10:38 am

Cardboard buildings

2014-05-16 1:47 pm


2014-05-14 1:17 pm

Floral carpet

2014-05-10 4:20 pm


2014-05-09 6:39 pm

Full bloom

2014-05-08 5:40 pm

Flamenco dance

2014-05-06 5:19 pm

Buddy Bears

2014-05-03 4:45 pm

Sand sculptures

2014-05-03 4:40 pm