Sleeping with lions

Alexander Pylyshenko pets African lioness Katya in his private Zoo in his yard in the small Ukrainian city of Vasylivka, some 500km from Kiev. Pylyshenko is going to live together with the couple of African lions Katya and Samson in their open-air cage during the next 35 days and nights to raise money for his zoo keeping and to attract public attention to the poor conditions of wild animal husbandry in Ukraine's private zoos. Photo courtesy: AFP

Back to the sea

2018-04-22 5:06 pm

Scooter rental

2018-04-21 2:39 pm

Commemorative mugs

2018-04-20 10:21 am

Commonwealth Canopy

2018-04-17 10:05 pm

Ball parade

2018-04-16 9:31 pm

Water fight

2018-04-14 6:23 pm

Giant head

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Archaeological sites

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Sawdust rugs

2018-04-02 8:58 pm


2018-04-01 2:38 pm

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