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Sultan Muhammad V official name of new Kelantan Sultan

KOTA BHARU, Sept 22 (Bernama) -- The new sultan of Kelantan, Tuanku Muhammad Faris Petra, is to be officially addressed as Sultan Muhammad V, it was announced here today.

The Comptroller of the Kelantan Royal Household, Datuk Abdul Halim Hamad, said the use of the name had been in force since the proclamation of the new sultan on Sept 13.

"The sultan has instructed the use of the name for official matters pertaining to the palace and state government and by the media so as to avert the use of various names," he told reporters here.

"We will inform all state government departments on the use of the name of the sultan. It has been gazetted for official use," he said.

Abdul Halim said the sultan wished to use the name Sultan Muhammad because it had been used by his ancestors.

The name Sultan Muhammad 1 was used by the sultan of Kelantan who had ruled from 1800 to 1835 whose original name was Sultan Long Muhammad, he said, adding that he was the eldest prince of Sultan Long Yunus who had ruled the state from 1765 to 1795.

Abdul Halim said Sultan Long Senik Long Tan had used the title Sultan Muhammad II (Sultan Muhammad Mulut Merah) when he ruled from 1836 to 1886, while Sultan Long Kundor, the eldest prince of Sultan Ahmad, had used the title Sultan Muhammad III during his rule from 1890 to 1891.

The title Sultan Muhammad IV was used by Sultan Tuan Long Senik who ruled Kelantan from 1900 to 1920, he said.

Abdul Halim also said that the matter of the petition against the proclamation of the new sultan would be referred to legal experts and the secretary of the Kelantan Council of Succession and the palace would respond to the petition in accordance with court procedures.

The petition was filed by the former sultan, Tuanku Ismail Petra Ibni Sultan Yahya Petra, on Monday at the Federal Court registry in Putrajaya, seeking to declare as unconstitutional the proclamation of his eldest prince, Tuanku Muhammad Faris Petra, as the new sultan.

On a police report lodged yesterday by the office of the Sultan of Kelantan on the offer of Kelantan state honours purportedly by the office, Abdul Halim said those concerned had forged his name and signature apparently to collect money from their victim.

"I did not do so (make any such offer) and I do not have the authority to confer awards," he said.

He said the office of the sultan was informed by the police of a letter received by the victim and complaints by others.

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