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Drought, wildfires put Brazil under environmental emergency

BRASILIA, Tuesday 7 September 2010 (AFP) - Hundreds of wildfires fed by weeks of relentless drought have forced authorities to place 15 of Brazil's 26 states under an environmental emergency, the official Agencia Brasil news agency said Tuesday.

The decree, which includes the capital Brasilia, authorizes federal emergency plans and funds to fight some 1,200 wildfires threatening indigenous reservations, farms and across the country, according to Agencia Brasil.

Brazil's Amazon basin forest and the Pantanal area, both home to a rich variety of flora and fauna, are experiencing the worst drought since 1973, with more than 80,000 people having to depend on government-supplied food and water, officials said Monday.

In mid-August, the drought triggered as many as 12,000 wildfires.

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