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Baking LV bags and Barbie dolls

  • Believe it or not, these are cakes. (Photo courtesy: Guang Ming Daily)
  • A scale for BN and a blue eye for PKR. (Photo courtesy: Guang Ming Daily)
  • Huang Jianghan works on his creations. (Photo courtesy: Guang Ming Daily)
  • A roulette cake for his grandmother's 80-year-old birthday. (Photo courtesy: Guang Ming Daily)
  • An unique wedding cake. (Photo courtesy: Guang Ming Daily)
  • A 3D car cake. (Photo courtesy: Guang Ming Daily)
  • A God of Wealth cake and a LV bag cake. (Photo courtesy: Guang Ming Daily)
  • A lovely LV bag cake. (Photo courtesy: Guang Ming Daily)
  • Cup cakes in cute designs.(Photo courtesy: Guang Ming Daily)
  • Huang Jianghan spent two days to make 100 cup cakes for his uncle's 30th wedding anniversary. (Photo courtesy: Guang Ming Daily)
  • Would you like to share the LV bag cake with your friends? (Photo courtesy: Guang Ming Daily)

HULU SELANGOR: An architect designs buildings, a fashion designer designs new fashion while a hair stylist designs new hair styles. In fact, there are also cake designers who design cakes. A cake designer in Hulu Selangor here has been designing cakes with his creativity and a pair of skillful hands.

Huang Jianghan, who had always wished to become a fashion designer, did not only make Louis Vuitton bag and Barbie doll cakes, but he also made cakes based on the symbols of both the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) and opposition Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) during the Hulu Selangor by-election.

The 24-year-old baker from Batang Kali is good in decorating cakes with fondant. He always tries his best to satisfy his customers' requests.

His creations are available in different flavours, including chocolate, lime, vanilla, coconut, chestnut and walnut. There are fillings like cream, lemon gelatin and caramel in the middle of the cakes.

Huang told Guang Ming Daily that he always bore two principles in mind, namely try to make it look as real as possible and always believe in his own viewpoint.

His father Huang Youcai is also a baker who has been running a bakery at Batang Kali for about 30 years. Other than creamed cakes, butter cakes, ice-cream cakes, fruits cakes and jellies, he also wholesales breads and kaya puffs.

"I never thought to succeed to my father's bakery although I was grown up there. I wish to become a fashion designer as I like drawing," said Jianghan.

He started to pursue his dream when his brother took over the bakery. One day, he saw pictures of "artistic cakes" in a magazine and became addicted to cake designing since then.

He took a three-month-course in a bakery college and worked in a bakery at Kuala Lumpur to get some experience. After that, he went to his hometown and started his work. He bought references books to learn the method of making fondant and used glace icing to make different designs.

"My first creation was a 3D chocolate car. I was surprised that it received good responses from my customers and they asked me to make different designs."

Since then, he started to make cakes in various designs.

During the recent Hulu Selangor by-election, Jianghan also tried to make cakes in party symbols, a blue eye for PKR and a scale for BN.

Huang used his free time to make the glace icing and he found the scale was difficult to make.

He said that he did not mean to "politicise" his creations. "Batang Kali becomes lively because of the by-election. Some VIPs will visit here. It means nothing other than creativity. We do not wish to be involved in politics."

However, he hopes that the new Member of Parliament can help them to solve problems and improve the environment of Batang Kali.

To him, every cake is special but the most satisfactory creation would be the roulette cake that he made to celebrate his grandmother's 80-year-old birthday.

The young bakery said that he would make a special cake for his friends during their birthdays.

Italian baker Buddy Valastro, who made a birthday cake for Britney Spears and French baker Debbie Brown are Jianghan's idols. (Translated by YOU HSUEH LIN/ Guang Ming Daily)

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