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Chinese man arrested for killing six men in gay sex games

BEIJING, April 21 (AFP) - A gay singer in China has been arrested for murder after he allegedly killed six men in elaborate, sado-masochistic sex games that involved hanging his victims, a state-linked newspaper reported.

Zhou Youping, a singer in bars in the central province of Hunan, posted personal ads on gay websites seeking people willing to travel to his home to play his "slave," the Sanxiang City Express said.

He sought partners willing to play erotic asphyxiation games -- the intentional restriction of oxygen to the brain for sexual arousal -- and met them in hotels in the provincial capital Changsha.

"At first I wanted them to be my 'slave'. But when they met me they wanted money or had special requests," Zhou was quoted as saying in the newspaper, which belongs to the state-run Hunan Daily Newspaper Group, on Tuesday.

"I didn't like that and wanted to use the hanging asphyxiation method to kill them."

He killed his first victim in October last year after discovering the man, from the northwestern province of Gansu, was HIV-positive. He hung him as part of a sex game then left him to die.

Zhou, who is in his thirties, then killed another five men. At least two other intended victims managed to escape alive, the report added.

One of the victims who had answered Zhou's ad, who came from the central province of Henan, lied to his wife by telling her he had found a job in Changsha.

He contacted her after arriving in the city but she received no further information until authorities called her to say they had found his body in a hotel room.

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