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Talents of the Royal Malaysia Air Force

  • (Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily)

From an optimistic point of view, it is in fact no big deal to lose a fighter jet engine, although it has become the world's top ten mysterious case, or perhaps, some said it is the world's top ten laughing stock.

It is indeed not easy to become the world's top ten, regardless it is because of the former or latter reason. It is a fault on the right side and therefore, we should be proud of it.

At least, it shows that the Royal Malaysia Air Force is skilful as they are able to disassemble the engine. You and I may only be able to disassemble tyres but not the engine of our cars. It cannot be done without skill.

Moreover, it requires international marketing capacity in order to sell the engine to the international market. For ordinary people, they may have no idea where to put the engine even if you give them one. They may just leave it rust at the backyard or sell it to a scrap metal dealer.

In order to sell a F-5E fighter jet engine, they must first know which country is using the same model and is currently lack of stock. It involves market intelligence capabilities.

Moreover, the engine was sold to South America instead of a neighbouring country. Therefore, in case there is a war with the neighbouring country in the future, they can ensure that the other party is not using our stolen engine.

It shows that some of the Royal Malaysia Air Force personnel are international marketing professionals with business ethics.

The engine was sold at RM50 million. In order to fetch such a good price, there must be negotiation experts in the Royal Malaysia Air Force. Not bad, we should appreciate such talents.

In case we are facing the threat of war in the future, we should send these negotiation experts to turn hostility into friendship and we do not need to fight at all. Therefore, even if they are able to arrest the culprits, they must not be sacked. Instead, they should be treated as key personnel of the Defense Ministry and be protected.

It may be a blessing in disguise.

The Royal Malaysia Air Force discovered the missing of the engine within a few months and they found the suspects in only two years. What an extremely high efficiency!

It is bad if they discover it only when we are attacked by our enemy and they are unable to fly the jet.

At that time, even the fuselage may be exploded into pieces by the enemy.

At least we can still keep the fuselage and all we have to do is replacing the engine. They can look for assistance from Proton and see whether its Campro engine is suitable for the jet.

If it is not suitable, we can still build a F-5E engine factory and take the opportunity to enter the aircraft manufacturing industry.

Of course, we must be pleased that Malaysia does not have any nuclear bomb. Otherwise, it will be too easy for our talents to still a few of it.

If the nuclear bombs are sold to Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden or Taliban in Afghanistan, it will be too bad as they will definitely destroy the United States and the United States will certainly take revenge on Malaysia.

Even it is no big deal to lose an engine, but I'm curious that whether they are going to lose something else in the future?

Don't they let the Defense Minister to be stolen, too, as it will be really embarrassing. From now on, the Royal Malaysia Air Force must pull themselves together to protect the Defense Minister. (By TAY TIAN YAN/Translated by SOONG PHUI JEE/Sin Chew Daily)

MySinchew 2009.12.22


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