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Giant Petai Is Poisonous

  • (Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily)
  • A giant petai is actually not a petai bean. (Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily)
  • What a long petai! Instead, it is not a petai but a poisonous Entada Phaseoloides. (Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily)

KUANTAN: Herbal researchers warn people not to eat the giant petai as it is poisonous. Herbal grower Liang Qi Xing, 62, told Sin Chew Daily that giant petai is actually different from ordinary edible bitter beans. Instead, giant petai is categorised as climber plant commonly known as Entada Phaseoloides.

"Entada Phaseoloides, which looks similar to petai, will only grow in forest because it is huge in size. According to Malaysian Herbs by Goh Kong Ling, Entada Phaseoloides is poisonous although its actual toxicity level is unknown," said Liang.

Liang said eating the so-called poisonous beans do not necessarily lead to death. Instead, it may cause physical discomfort. Thus, he advised all not to eat Entada Phaseoloides.

"From the Chinese medicine point of view, Entada Phaseoloides can relief spasm and pain, as well as to drain dampness. It is helpful in stomach pain, jaundice, hernia and treatments," he said.

However, Liang said not more than 10 grams of Entada Phaseoloides should be used even for medicine. Besides, patients have to listen to doctors' instructions before eating any Entada Phaseoloides.

"Entada Phaseoloides could be 30mm in diameter and up to 1m in length. Each Entada Phaseoloides will have six to 11 beans. Usually, only Entada Phaseoloides will have such big beans. It is definitely not petai," added Liang. (Sin Chew Daily)


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