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You're rude, very rude, Lee Kim Yew tells Nazri

  • "You are an honorable MP who is not honorable, but is rude, very rude."

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 27 (MySinchew) -- Country Heights Holdings Bhd founder Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew said in an open letter today that tourism and culture minister Datuk Seri Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz is "an honorable MP who is not honorable, but is rude, very rude," referring to the minister's bad language against Malaysian billionaire Robert Kuok.

"Under a democratic constitutional monarchy, the country should be placed first, while a political party can come and go, let alone a politician, who upon election only has five years to serve.

"Anyone, including Mr Robert Kuok, needs not be loyal to the party or government."

Lee went on to say, "As a minister, you draw your salary from the State, and spend the tax money contributed by the rakyat, including a big bulk from Chinese Malaysians and a small part from the Kuok Group.

"Mr Kuok is a respected businessman, a role model for all Malaysians, especially Chinese Malaysians who are very proud of him and respect him a lot.

"You might have been in office for too long that you have forgotten how to practice democracy, believing this country belongs to your party."

He concluded, "Your abusive remarks have hurt him and the entire country. I am sure as a magnanimous man, Mr Kuok will not want an apology from you, but for the sake of this country, I demand that you apologize to him, especially when you are a cabinet minister, a culture minister!"



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