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Robert Kuok's nephew trashes accusation of financial assistance to DAP

  • James Kuok: I never financially supported DAP. The most I did was fork out RM3 to get a copy of The Rocket! Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily

PETALING JAYA, Feb 26 (Sin Chew Daily) -- Malaysian tycoon Robert Kuok's nephew James Kuok denied he was the "middle man" in his uncle's alleged financial assistance to DAP, challenging the accuser Raja Petra Kamarudin to produce evidence to prove his claim.

James nevertheless admitted he was a supporter of DAP, and a personal friend of Lim Kit Siang.

"I never financially supported DAP. The most I did was fork out RM3 to get a copy of The Rocket!

"I've never offered money to the party," he asserted.

He told Sin Chew Daily during an interview that he was prepared to cooperate fully with the police if the police were to investigate this allegation and summon him for questioning.

He said if Robert Kuok were to financially assist DAP, no one would know about it, and he wouldn't involve his relatives if he really did so.

He said the article by Raja Petra, whom he called a "silly bastard", would cause some people to misunderstand him.

"People could beat me up if they see me in the street!" he said jokingly.

James Kuok admitted that he would only ring up his uncle twice a year, on the Chinese New Year and his uncle's birthday.

"We only talked about family matters. No politics!"

Wonderful country without race politics

He said he had financially helped Raja Petra and his son but they didn't even utter a word of "thank you".

Kuok, who is regularly sharing his political views on his Facebook account, asked, "As a citizen of Malaysia, why can't I discuss issues of Malaysia?"

He reiterated that he was not against the government but the established system, adding that he also abhorred identifying opposition supporters with the Chinese.

"My family supports Chinese education, but that does not mean we are against the Malays!"

He lamented that many of his friends had given up Malaysian citizenship for greener pasture elsewhere, but he and his wife chose to stay in the country and would not run away like Raja Petra.

"This will be a very wonderful country without race politics," he concluded.



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