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Selangor strives to build more Chinese schools: Azmin

  • Azmin: The Selangor govt will identify high-demand strategic locations to build independent high schools for students. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily

SHAH ALAM, Feb 22 (Sin Chew Daily) -- Selangor menteri besar Datuk Seri Azmin Ali said Pakatan Harapan supports vernacular education and the Selangor state government is now looking for suitable sites to build more Chinese primary schools and independent high schools.

"There seems to be a missing link in the country's Chinese language education because after a child graduates from SJKC, he might be forced to attend a national secondary school or go overseas due to lack of independent high schools in the country.

Education for all Malaysians

"The Selangor government strives to identify high-demand strategic locations to build independent high schools for the convenience of students."

Azmin said during an interview with Sin Chew Daily that while the state government is prepared to provide land for school construction, approval must still be sought from the education department.

"Many independent high schools in Klang Valley are facing the congestion issue. They need more spacious learning environment.

"And we are looking into this now," he said.

Azmin insisted that education is the driving force to move the nation ahead and a fundamental right for rakyat. As such, it should not be politicized by any individual.

He added that the Selangor government fully supports the construction of Chinese, national and Tamil primary schools in the state.

"UEC recognition should not be politicized and independent high school students must not be made victims of politics.

"One of my priorities after taking over as Selangor MB was to get the state assembly to pass the recognition of UEC, and it was finally done.

"Under the Federal Constitution, all Malaysians are entitled to high quality education, including vernacular education.

'I can do better than MCA, Gerakan'

"The presence of SJKCs is of utmost importance, and I have repeatedly stressed this in the Parliament."

He highlighted that there are more than 80,000 Malay school children currently studying in SJKCs due to their high quality education and discipline.

Azmin reassured the Chinese community of Malaysia that they need not worry about the loss of their rights just because MCA is defeated in the election.

"Chinese Malaysians are afraid they will lose their representation in government if MCA is defeated.

"A capable leader must be one who represents all Malaysians irrespective of race.

"Let me tell you that I can do better than MCA or Gerakan Rakyat. I can ensure the constitutional rights of all Chinese Malaysian citizens, and this has already been put to practice in Selangor, including allocations and land to build SJKCs and legal status for worshipping houses of all religions.

"The state government has allocated RM44 million to fund non-Muslim religious places from 2009 to 2018."

Rural battleground

Azmin admitted that the coming general election will be a very tough fight between Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Harapan, adding that the biggest battleground is in the rural areas.

"We want to tell them that they must look forward and support PH because we are here to give them back their rights as citizens of this country. I believe our performance in Selangor and Penang will easily convince them.

"I went to Johor, Melaka, Pahang and Perak to meet the voters. My speech in Perlis in a January afternoon drew an incredible crowd of a thousand people keen to find out what Selangor had done."

Azmin believed that Tun Mahathir's participation has significantly boosted the opposition camp.

He confided that he was one of the opposition leaders to approach Mahathir and tried to persuade him to join the opposition front. He said he had known Mahathir for a very long time, and it was the former former prime minister who recommended that he become Anwar Ibrahim's aide.

"I really respect him for his unwavering commitment for this country. Not many politicians will remain active and fight for people's rights at his age.

"Mahathir has agreed to reform the existing enforcement agencies, including the PDRM, MACC, the judiciary and election commission, among others.

"In future all these institutions will report to the Parliament, not the prime minister," he concluded.



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