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Identity crisis

  • Your national identity will follow you intimately wherever you go, whether you like it or not.

Sin Chew Daily

Kenichi Ohmae predicted years ago that ethnic countries would vanish gradually under the tide of globalization as we enter the age of a borderless world.

While such a future world holds infinite possibilities, it nevertheless brings some annoyances. For instance, without nationhoods or national boundaries, how are we going to be differentiated and identified?

Imagine you travel to a different country and are asked where you come from. Sure enough you can answer," I'm from Kuala Lumpur."

No problem about it. It's clear enough!

What if you are not from KL but Tangkak, Johor? Your reply "I'm from Tangkak" will instantly confuse people.

If you simply say, "I'm from Asia", or more coolly, "I'm from Planet Earth", you will more likely be greeted with despise than admiration.

What I was trying to say is that your national identity and nationality will follow you intimately wherever you go, whether you like it or not.

Unless, of course, you are Mukhriz Mahathir!

Sinar Harian reported that the PPBM vice president said in a public speech that he felt ashamed of admitting he was a Malaysian if he was asked where he came from in a foreign country. So, he was quoted as saying, that he would rather claim he was from Brunei..

Mukhriz later argued that he had been misquoted by the media. I wonder how much he loves Brunei that he would rather fabricate a lie to mask his Malaysian identity, or that he is just blindfolded by politics that he can't tell national identification and partisan politics apart.

If Mukhriz is more ardent about being a Bruneian than a Malaysian, we can't help but feel very much alarmed by this political aspirations.

Of course, Mukhriz said he was ashamed of being a Malaysian due to the various scandals plaguing this country, which is both exaggerated and illogical.

No matter how much Liu Xiaobo hated the Chinese Communist Party, he took a lot of pride being a Chinese national. If he had abandoned China and defected to the Untied States, all his efforts would have gone down to the drain.

Even in the United States at least close to half of the people are not happy with Donald Trump, including many Democrats who utterly abhor the president.

While frustration is one thing, these people will never deny their American roots and will never claim they are Dominicans or otherwise, as this will prematurely kill their political careers.

Son of a national statesman, Mukhriz is never individually known for his remarkable intelligence or competency, his political wisdom still a long shot behind his father's and his national identification equally obscured. There is still much groping around in his long political life ahead.



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