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Gagging the racists with unresponsiveness

  • The most fitting reaction is to give them the cold shoulder. They will stop the moment they find that their nonsense cannot sell in the society.

Sin Chew Daily

More irresponsible individuals issued racist remarks in the Ummah Convention last Saturday. These remarks have drawn tremendous public outcry following the viral spread of their videos on the social media.

However, social media users have responded to such remarks with equally fiery racist remarks, much to the delight of these convention speakers.

The main purpose of racists and religious fanatics has been to draw the attention of the public. It is by exploiting such tactics that some of the lesser known organizations and individuals have managed to lure eyeballs and gain overnight popularity, thanks also to broad media coverage and frenzied promotion by web users despite the fact such gimmicks hardly deserve the slightest attention in the first place.

It is believed this is the first time the convention is in national limelight given the fact not only the Chinese community had not previously heard of them, even the Malays may not know them too well.

Many progressive and open-minded Malays couldn't help but question what good such people or organizations have done for the well-being of this nation.

These people claimed that the Malays were the only people who fought the communists, British colonists and Japanese occupiers, but the non-bumis today are prowling on the prime ministerial post, posing presumed threat to the Islamic faith and Malay supremacy.

Such a claim is totally unfounded. Historians and authoritative history literature could testify that all people irrespective of their ethnic backgrounds had fought hard to defend this land, and this historical truth must never be twisted by any irresponsible individual or organization.

As a matter of fact, people living during the colonial and communist insurgency times shared the same collective memories. They fought hand in hand against colonialism and communism, laying the foundation of a peaceful and harmonious multicultural society we all enjoy today.

All this must never be deliberately erased from the memories of Malaysians.

Additionally, it is also not the first time there are proposals that government scholarships should be reserved for bumiputras only. Similar proposals were made before at a number of occasions.

As for the privileges and rights of bumiputras and non-bumiputras in this country, our Constitution has stated very clearly and all government policies must be drawn in accordance with the constitutional spirit to accord equal and unbiased treatment to all Malaysians irrespective of race and religion. Any proposal in violation of the constitutional spirit will only protrude the utter foolishness and radicality of its proponents.

It is therefore very disturbing that there are people or organizations regularly making offensive statements that may undermine the solidarity and harmony of this nation. That being said, there is no need for us to fight them back, more so with foul language, as this will only put us on the same par with these unruly people.

We should timely remind the authorities to take stern actions against them. As for ourselves, the most fitting reaction is to give them the cold shoulder. They will stop the moment they find that their nonsense cannot sell in the society.



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