Master of miniature food art

Siow has always shown a great passion for food. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily

KUALA LUMPUR (Sin Chew Daily) -- Prior to becoming a miniature food artist, Eric Siow was a graphic designer in Malaysia before he went to Singapore for work in 2006 and spent the following ten years there.

"Life could be very monotonous in Singapore. One day I saw the pictures of miniature food models on the newspaper and was instantly mesmerized.

"I was curious about how the clay could be made into vivid miniature models of local foods. So I made up my mind to attend one or two classes.

"I never thought I would devote myself to it since then."

Strong passion for food

Siow has always shown a great passion for food, and was specializing in laying out recipe books while he was a graphic designer. He even followed the photographer around snapping pictures of colorful foods.

"I only need to take one look at the food to know how to mix the colors, such as what kind of red for the gravy."

Siow has been concentrating on this trade because market competition is small, but more importantly he also wants to help promote local delicacies to tourists.

Into this business for six years now, Siow feels that the biggest change in him has been to go from part-time miniature food artist to a full-timer and then back to part-time basis again due to unsteady income.

He told Sin Chew Daily the preconditions to be a miniature food artist are patience and sharp observation, for example, the ingredients for the noodle cannot be too neatly arranged in the bowl for this will make the whole thing look unreal.

Other than food, Siow is also involved in the manufacture of models of food-related scenes, such as a kampung kitchen and old-style deco.

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