Dream factory for synchronized swimmers

Graceful gestures from the little dancers in water. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily

SEREMBAN (Sin Chew Daily) -- Many may not be aware that there is one place in the state of Negeri Sembilan for young girls to learn synchronized swimming.

Paroi Aquatic Center has a stage where they can practice and be professionally trained to become able competitors in major international events.

23-year-old coach Ye Qianhui from China, who has been teaching water ballet here for more than three years now, told Sin Chew Daily there are currently 14 students aged between 7 and 17 in her team, including three boys and 11 girls.

"They are all very disciplined kids, and would insist to come for training even if they fall sick, because they do not want to be left behind for missing just one session."

She said the trainees may have to go through occasional weight training to boost their skills by having sandbags attached to their legs.

Age limit

The training stage is only open for children aged between six and ten, and the coach will select the trainees according to their heights, flexibility and shape of legs.

The selected candidates will have to learn swimming first before they go into actual synchronized swimming training.

Ye explained that there is an age limit for synchronized swimming because as a person gets older, physical limberness will be reduced and may not be able to do all the necessary moves.


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