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SEA Games: Keeping terrorists at bay

  • Not a single country can be spared from the threat of terrorism. Photo courtesy: Sin Chew Daily

Sin Chew Daily

The 29th SEA Games will begin in Kuala Lumpur in a matter of days. To allay security fears and to ensure that the Games can be carried out smoothly, Bukit Aman anti-terrorism unit held a large scale joint operation in the capital city to round up IS terrorists hiding in the midst of the country's enormous army of foreign workers.

A total of 274 foreign men and women were detained in the operation for further investigation, along with a Malaysian man.

SEA Games is a much watched sporting event in the region with an anticipated participation of up to 15,000 athletes from regional countries, and this number does not yet include hordes of tourists that will flock into the country during the Games.

Malaysia is set to become the regional focus throughout the 29th SEA Games, and it is therefore necessary for the police to take proactive and effective measures to prevent potential terrorists from carrying out their attack plans in this country.

After the terror attacks in London early June, senior officials in the United States and Australia have warned that seasoned terrorists could be moving from the Middle East to Southeast Asia to carry out their attacks in regional countries.

An analysis has pointed out that terror threats on Malaysia and Indonesia are on the rise following the military actions against Islamist militants in Marawi in southern Philippines.

As a matter of fact, the entire world has been shrouded in the shadows of terrorism in recent years. Not a single country can be spared from the threat.

Although Western countries are the most likely targets of terrorist assaults, other countries must never take things for granted, lest they become the next hit targets.

To ensure the safety of Malaysians, the police have already started a string of anti-terrorism operations that have produced some desirable results. During the course of KL SEA Games, the police will deploy more than 10,000 police cops to maintain order and step up patrols in sensitive areas.

Earlier on, the police also conducted a number of anti-terrorism drills in the city in conjunction with the upcoming SEA Games. This, coupled with the recent massive operations, has sent out a very clear message to potential terrorists to stay away from us. It is believed that with the effort of the police, SEA Games will be held smoothly in the absence of any untoward incident.

Preventive measures are absolutely necessary to prevent unpleasant incidents in the face of the imminent terror threats. So far the Malaysian police have shown some positive results in battling terrorism.

Nevertheless, the existence of IS will continue to pose a serious threat to world security and the world is still unable to completely free itself from such threats.

It is imperative that we press on with the effort to fight terrorism and put in place long-term deployment and ready ourselves for a lasting battle against terrorism.


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