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Six Malaysian Youths Won in INTEL ISEF

  • “Proudly home ! Six Malaysian students showing off their victorious smile and medals after making the nation proud in an internatinoal science fair held in Uniteds States. From left: Joel Jong Lee Zher, Joyce Jong Jun Wen, Sean Hii Jun Wei, Dylan Lim Shu Zhe, Nizar Bin Jalaludin Rajagobar and Derric Lim Shu Chuen.”

KUALA LUMPUR, May 15 (Sin Chew Daily)- Six Malaysian students won major awards with their innovation in the 2016 INTEL Internatinal Secience and Engineering Fair (ISEF) held in the United States.

Twin Dylan Lim Shu Zhe and Derric Lim Shu Chuen together with their classmate Nizar Bin Jalaludin Rajagobar (all 17 year old) from Penang Free School have won third prize in the Material Science category.

The trio R&D team’s idea was to manufacture composition board from pineapple skin and biodegradable plastic and non-petroleum base, the board will be environmental friendly material for simple furniture as alternative to plastic and wood.

The have arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport today and were received warmly by the officers from the Ministry of Education and representatives from Intel Malaysia.

“As our country is progressing towards industrialization and advancement, twe hope we could find something to replace plastic, aluminium and wood, and also to create simple yet environmental friendly furniture.”, said Dylan Lim when being interviewed.

He said the project was named Pineapple Skin Galore, which is to produce composite board from massive amount of pineapple skin and biodegradable plastic.

“We have chosen pineapple skin as it was easier to collect for free.”

He said it was easy to collect huge amount of pineapple skin from the can pineapple factory, but the biodegradable plastic was a huge challenge, as the material is environmental friendly, it is more expensive.

They have spent 8 months to plan and execute their project and this is their debut at an event of this scale. Prior to this, they have won the grand prize at the state-level competition, and subsequently the nation-level which ultimately brought them the honour of representing Malaysia in INTEL ISEF competition in United States.

Dylan said they are the only Malaysian team in the materials science category competing against 67 teams worldwide, many of the participants are into nano technology which turns out to be a great challenge from them as they are not familiar with this area.

“After we landed today, we will have sit for our mid-term exams tomorrow, presently, we will focus on our studies and to work in this field in future.”

They won a prize money of USD1,000 , each a medal and a certificate.

Another team from SMK Batu Lintang Kuching have won award in the Water Technology category by using Bio-waste to remove e.coli and Total Coliform count from polluted water.

This team is formed by Joel Jong Lee Zher (15), Joyce Jong Jun Wen (16) and Sean Hii Jun Wei (17), both Joel and Joyce are siblings.

Sean told Sin Chew Daily, according the report of UN-Water, there are 1.1billion of world population have no access to safe and clean drinking water, 2.6 billion of world population lack of sufficient sanitary facilities and 1.8 million people died annually from diarrhoea.

He said, they were moved by the East Coast flood December the year before, hoping through their project, flood victims could have access to clean drinking water in emergency.

“Initially we used six types of bio-waste, but after filter we have opted for three: lemon peels, sterilized and non-sterilized guava leaves. We hope to remove e.coli and Total Coliform count from polluted water.”

Joel Jong told Sin Chew Daily it was his plan to join the competition, but it was after the suggestion and encouragement of his teacher, he found his two team members and it is the first in a competition of this scale.

He said they have spent a year to plan and research.

The team is also awarded USD1,000 and medal and certificate for each member.

The 2016 Intel ISEF is held in Arizona, United States from 8 May to 13 May, it was participated by 1750 participants from 77 countries, Malaysia has sent 5 teams, and the two teams representing the Ministry of Education have won major awards.

The annual INTEL ISEF is the world largest scale international science competition organised for high school students.



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