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Creating a better world for all

  • Zikry (R) and Daniel, partners in creating a better world for all. Photo courtesy: Zikry Kholil

The word "incitement" often conjures up a largely negative image, but to 29-year-old Zikry Kholil and his partner Daniel, the word gets a whole new positive connotation.

Zikry and Dan founded "Incitement" five years ago as a platform to bring together NGOs and volunteers. Among its partners is the United Nations Organization.

Any individual above the age of 18 can apply for a permit to organize an event (except those religious and political in nature), inspiring others through their creative ideas in creating values for the well-being of the community.

Zikry said it was always a dream of his to work for the UN, and indeed he once had this dream fulfilled. However, he later discovered that he still had plenty of ideas yet to be brought into fruition. He subsequently left his post, and moved ahead towards another milestone in life with like-minded Daniel.

"I was thinking of exerting our fullest potentials to save our world and inspire more people by acting more and talking less."

From a humble set-up of seven, Incitement has since expanded to a dedicated team of 20, and has experienced tremendous growth since it opened to the outside world, putting together some 250 people every month on average.

"Incitement is now a global campaign that turns an inspiration into action and helps the participants grow and offer a hand to specific communities, through powerful motivation talks.

"We always guide the people to the local projects such as schools for refugees and distribution of food to the needy. This is the common philosophy of Incitement worldwide."

Within only three years, Incitement has expanded its footprint across 43 countries, its influences seeing Zikry making to the list of Forbes' 30 Under 30 with vast potentials of changing our world.

Graduated with a Master's degree from Asia-Europe Institute, Universiti Malaya, Zikry still will not believe he has been named in the coveted Forbes' list.

"I still pinch myself every day to make sure I'm not dreaming. My cellphone keeps ringing and my mail box is full of media invitations for TV or magazine interviews and speeches.

"That kind of feeling is like our wildest adventures and input have got rewarded!"

Because he did all this not for profitability, Zikry used to come under the skepticism of his own family. He was even on the brink of bankruptcy on several occasions, and was constantly under attack, but all these only served to strengthen his will, allowing him to eventually grow out of the confines.

"We managed to get the support. Like Dan has said, no people-serving venture will ever fail.

"We have the assistance from people in Malaysia and across the world. They have allowed us to live in our dream and propel us forward."

His biggest goal now is to get grassroots organizations, government bodies, corporate companies, the UN and other "major players" to involve in social campaigns.

"In addition, we still lack the coordination from the enforcement agencies in our community projects, refugee issue being the best example."



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