Sin Chew, Nanyang Go Global

By merging with Hong Kong’s Ming Pao news group, leading Malaysian Chinese media groups, Sin Chew and Nanyang, are transformed into one of the world’s largest Chinese-language media players.
The new entity is known as Media Chinese International Limited (Media Chinese) after its successful dual listing on both the Hong Kong and Malaysian stock exchanges trading under HKSE stock code: 685 and KUL stock code: 5090.

According to a Press release by the company in Kuala Lumpur today, Media Chinese is a new entity resulting from the merger of Ming Pao Enterprise Corporation Limited of Hong Kong, Sin Chew Media Corporation Berhad and Nanyang Press Holdings Berhad of Malaysia. The Media Chinese combined portfolio features Chinese-language publications that are already leaders in their respective markets, and the merger will allow each to play an even more active role by exploiting synergies and cross-border market exploration opportunities.

Media Chinese’s key publications include:

  • Ming Pao Daily News (明報). Established in 1969, Ming Pao Daily News is today a leading Chinese-language daily newspaper serving an elite readership drawn from a highly educated upper-income professional base. Evidence of the publication’s global reach can be determined from the paper’s four international editions published outside Hong Kong, namely: Toronto, Vancouver, New York and San Francisco.
  • Sin Chew Daily (星洲日報). Established in 1929, Sin Chew Daily is the largest Chinese-language daily newspaper in Malaysia. With a readership of more than 1.18 million Malaysians, Sin Chew Daily is not only the largest-circulating Chinese newspaper in Southeast Asia, but also the largest Chinese daily published outside the PRC, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
  • China Press (中國報). Established in 1946 China Press is the second-largest Chinese-language daily newspaper in Malaysia with a daily circulation of 220,000. It is also one of the few authorized Chinese-language dailies circulating in Singapore.
  • Guang Ming Daily (光明日報). Established in 1987, Guang Ming Daily is the third-largest Chinese-language Malaysian daily newspaper. Positioned as the “paper for the family”, Guang Ming Daily enjoys a reputation amongst its peers as an innovative trendsetter.
  • Nanyang Siang Pau (南洋商報). Established in 1923, Nanyang Siang Pau is the fourth-largest Malaysian Chinese-language daily newspaper. A highly-regarded opinion maker, Nanyang Siang Pau is the leading Chinese-language financial and business publication in Malaysia.
  • Yazhou Zhoukan (亞洲週刊). Established in 1987 in Hong Kong, Yazhou Zhoukan is the world’s only international Chinese-language current affairs weekly. With a readership drawn primarily from managerial and finance professionals in Hong Kong, the PRC, Singapore, Taiwan, and Malaysia, Yazhou Zhoukan has won several awards for its outstanding editoral and photographic content.
  • Eye Asia (亞洲眼), is a leading Chinese-language monthly magazine published in Malaysia by Sin Chew Media Corporation Bhd. With a focus on Asian business and economic affairs, the magazine also offers rich content on diverse topics ranging from politics and the arts to fashion and technology.
  • Feminine (風采), is a best-selling Chinese-language women’s magazine in Malaysia and enjoys a wide readership and enormous advertising support.
  • Ming Pao Weekly (明報周刊). Established in 1968, Ming Pao Weekly is Hong Kong’s premier entertainment, celebrity and fashion magazine. The magazine is required reading for those wishing to inform themselves about the latest celebrity entertainment and fashion news both in Hong Kong and around the world.
  • Ming Pao Monthly (明報月刊). Established in 1966, Ming Pao Monthly is a highly-regarded current affairs and cross-cultural magazine featuring intellectual critiques and scholarly content.

Also within the Media Chinese stable is a long list of other original (or licensed) publications as well as their online and 3G mobile versions

Speaking at the launch in Kuala Lumpur today, Media Chinese Chairman Tan Sri Datuk Tiong Hiew King said: “Following the completion of this merger, what we now have on the table is one of the strongest Chinese-language media platforms in the world providing a vital link and serving a fast-growing international Chinese literate client-base.

“As such, Media Chinese will open the door to numerous growth opportunities in media-related businesses—both traditional and new—by targeting Chinese-speaking communities around the world. The merger will also allow for greater corporate synergy and operational innovation: While Media Chinese will continue to provide traditional printing and publishing services, it will also explore opportunities to enhance its growing internet and electronic-commerce markets.

“We believe strongly that this merger will facilitate each component’s operations around the world and strengthen the group’s ability to collect and distribute accurate first-hand news in the fastest time possible, while exploring new business opportunities.

“As a global platform Media Chinese therefore possesses an unparalleled competitive advantage in terms of scale and coverage. We are confident that our growth prospects will be translated directly into enhanced revenue generated by a broader range of services, which will in turn yield even better returns for our shareholders.” (MySinchew)

MySinchew 2008.04.30