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  • Ad-blocking software use for mobile surges: study
    2016-06-01 13:19

    The use of ad-blocking software for mobile devices has nearly doubled in the past year, raising questions about the viability of online media business models, a study showed Tuesday.

  • The castration of BN parties
    2016-06-01 12:33

    But in reality, BN is not made up of equals. The relationship today is that of a master and unquestioningly obedient servants. The BN spirit of teamwork that led to its formation many years are long gone. The BN spirit today is one of servitude to Umno.

  • Philippine journalists outraged over Duterte's kill comments
    2016-06-01 12:03

    Philippine media groups expressed outrage Wednesday at president-elect Rodrigo Duterte's endorsement of killing corrupt journalists, warning his comments could incite more murders.

  • World's longest rail tunnel set for grand opening
    2016-06-01 11:43

    The world's longest train tunnel will officially open on Wednesday, nearly seven decades after the initial design was conceived.

  • Immigration staff fired for aiding criminals
    2016-06-01 11:06

    Malaysia has sacked 15 Immigration Department officers and suspended 14 others after an investigation found personnel had colluded with criminal syndicates to manipulate systems tracking entry and exit, the government has said.

  • Developers zero-in on Bangkok's historic Chinatown
    2016-05-04 12:15

    For nearly a century Thanuan has watched history sweep through the bustling maze of alleyways that make up Bangkok's Chinatown, one of the city's few districts yet to be devoured by malls and high-rise condos.

  • Nazri: Common for countries to issue travel warnings
    2016-02-22 16:34

    Tourism minister says many countries in the world are facing terrorist threats, including Malaysia, and as such it is very common for countries to issue travel warnings to their citizens.

  • 'Grexit' fears loom without solid Greek reforms: IMF
    2016-02-12 10:32

    Fears that Greece will exit the eurozone, a "Grexit", could revive if Greek authorities do not come up with "credible" reforms, notably on pensions, a senior IMF official said Thursday.

> The castration of BN parties

2016-06-01 12:33
But in reality, BN is not made up of equals. The relationship today is that of a master...
We must put aside our differences and ill-feelings and work together hand-in-hand to safeguard...

> Umno's dangerous political bet

2016-05-30 18:25
BN is risking a further depletion of any residual non-Malay support; other BN component...
Umno's decision to collude with PAS has put MCA and Gerakan Rakyat in a grave dilemma. While...

> A historical step

2016-05-27 17:58
Once all the hurdles are cleared, hudud will officially be implemented in Kelantan, and...

> Shaky assurance

2016-05-26 17:59
The poor efficiency stemming from a dearth of positive attitude is a waste of the country...
To get a better picture of the local election, it is a precondition that we familiarize...

> No logic in undersea tunnel

2016-05-24 16:49
Those in power cannot run a state or nation with sheer imagination. Public resources must...

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