My Sinchew

> Keep the momentum going

2017-05-23 19:16
We have had a good start for the national economy for 2017, and the government must do everything...
Structural problems of Malaysia's economy are no strangers to us: over-dependence on foreign...

> Who won the war?

2017-05-22 19:10
It was not won through the war itself, but peace.

> Being courteous

2017-05-22 17:11
No one is above the law. Anyone violating the law must be legally sanctioned.
News organizations are rallying support to fight the "post-truth" challenge. Difficult as...

> Nabbing the black sheep

2017-05-20 09:36
Full coordination from all quarters is pivotal to the success of MACC's graft-busting initiative...

> Going downhill

2017-05-19 17:55
Instead of progressing decisively towards Vision 2020, we are going downhill...

> The smell of money

2017-05-18 19:51
MACC is not just targeting the small fry nowadays.

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