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  • Visit Mars with NASA's 360° view video
    2016-05-01 12:40

    Take a look around Mars through the eyes of a space rover using a 360° video that NASA has published online.

  • Tea lady's journey from Sudan's war-hit Kordofan to White House
    2016-05-01 11:30

    Through 20 years' selling tea by searing-hot Khartoum roadsides, Awadeya Mahmoud dreamed of improving conditions for her co-workers, mostly from conflict-hit areas like herself, but never imagined it would lead to the White House.

  • Prisoners, problem pooches help each other in Hungary jail
    2016-04-30 14:28

    Friday is dog day at Hungary's Debrecen jail as Sergey, Cutie, Scottie, Tiny and Fatty, all abandoned canines from a nearby rescue home, happily lollop in for obedience training... with the inmates.

  • Tablet sales are tanking
    2016-04-30 13:37

    Consumers have officially fallen out of love with tablets and are having their heads turned by larger smartphones and more powerful 2-in-1 devices instead.

  • Hong Kong's working poor choose streets over dismal housing
    2016-04-30 10:25

    A plastic sheet, a blanket, a sleeping bag: a makeshift bed laid out in the shadow of towering apartment blocks by a man who would rather be homeless than cooped up in Hong Kong's cramped and overpriced housing units.

  • Positive impact from HSR project: Liow
    2016-04-29 18:53

    The HSR project will further stimulate the country's economic development towards the goal of a developed nation by 2020, while providing tremendous opportunities for Singapore as well.

  • Kuching: Then and now
    2016-04-29 18:15

    This is the beauty of competition and election, creating all sorts of possibilities in politics.

  • New violence as Paris police break up youth protest
    2016-04-29 16:53

    Several dozen youth protesters clashed with police in the early hours of Friday in a central Paris square after refusing orders to disperse, police said.

> Kuching: Then and now

2016-04-29 18:15
This is the beauty of competition and election, creating all sorts of possibilities in politics...

> Ally turned rival

2016-04-28 19:01
In Peninsular Malaysia, both parties have through years of hard work formed their own political...
From the perspectives of public interest, the Terengganu political crisis has to be put...
As the new generation comes into play and as contact with the outside world intensifies,...
The outcome of Sarawak state election could somewhat reflect the change in voters' behaviors...

> A small town's election

2016-04-25 19:07
"If you want to understand the comparative advantages of BN and DAP this time, you've got...

> A passage to Sarawak

2016-04-22 18:51
When you visit another family, it is up to the house owner whether to open his door for...

> Going through the roof

2016-04-21 19:12
A roof over the head has become a rigid demand and obligatory commodity for modern-day Malaysians...

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