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  • Maria Chin live on Pocketimes tonight
    2016-12-05 16:05

    Find out how the mother of three has stayed strong despite several death threats, and how an ideal Malaysia should look like in the eyes of this valiant fighter.

  • California warehouse fire death toll climbs to 33
    2016-12-05 12:12

    The death toll from a fire at a California warehouse where a rave party was taking place rose to 33 on Sunday, with the authorities saying they had no idea how many more bodies they may find.

  • Elephant polo
    2016-12-04 16:50

    Nepalese mahouts decorating their elephants before heading to the polo grounds for the 35th International Elephant Polo Competition at Kawasuti Gondhat, Chitwan District, some 235km from Kathmandu.

  • George Town: Malaysia's first local democracy
    2016-12-04 11:34

    Today, more than ever, we are seeing mayors and council presidents playing pro-active roles to better govern cities and towns. Ratepayers are more aware of local governance and are becoming more concerned about how local authorities are administered.

  • With Castro gone, US presence in Cuba grows
    2016-12-04 07:57

    Fidel Castro spent his life combating US capitalism, but by the time he died, American cruise ships, regular flights and even the embassy had returned to the communist-ruled island.

  • Lagos poor left homeless by ruthless modernization bid
    2016-12-03 22:52

    Efforts by Lagos authorities to turn Nigeria's chaotic commercial capital into a modern megacity have run into controversy after the demolition of an impoverished waterfront neighbourhood left 30,000 people homeless.

  • Human ancestor Lucy spent much of her time in trees: study
    2016-12-03 19:03

    Lucy, the ancient ancestor of modern humans, probably spent at least a third of her day nesting in trees, according to new research unveiled Wednesday.

  • Trump risks China rift with Taiwan call
    2016-12-03 14:30

    President-elect Donald Trump broke with decades of cautious US diplomacy Friday to speak with the president of Taiwan, at the risk of provoking a serious rift with China.

Today, more than ever, we are seeing mayors and council presidents playing pro-active roles...

> Think before buying

2016-12-03 12:04
For Malaysia to join the ranks of high-income countries, we need to get serious in building...

> Umno-sponsored thuggery

2016-12-02 21:20
In the past I used to laugh and say Umno used groups like Perkasa to do their dirty work...

> A lost journey?

2016-12-02 14:03
Umno has adopted the decisive changes to keep itself continuously in power. But the thing...
Perhaps Khairy should more closely monitor the behaviors of Youth members in addition to...

> Adios! Fidel

2016-11-30 18:08
Everyone is waiting to be spoon-fed and few are willing to put in a little more effort....
We can see the assembly ending with a unity cry with everyone proclaiming loyalty and willingness...
Without effectuating change and restricting its members' out-of-control actions, Umno is...

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