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  • Waze, Google Maps threatening national security?
    2015-11-26 17:44

    MCMC might seek the assistance of National Security Council to study whether the use of Waze and Google Maps mobile apps could trigger potential national security risks.

  • Charles should lodge a police report: Nur Jazlan
    2015-11-26 17:30

    Nur Jazlan says Kevin Morais' brother Charles should have lodged a police report instead of making public accusations if he suspects any foul play in his brother's death.

  • Chong Wei's recipe of success
    2015-11-26 17:06

    "We have found new tactics of playing. We may have discovered some new techniques to tackle players like Lin Dan and Chen Long. Of course we will keep changing our tactics."

  • China journalist, 71, to serve five years in jail: lawyer
    2015-11-26 11:39

    A Chinese court on Thursday reduced the seven-year jail sentence given to a 71-year-old Chinese journalist convicted of "leaking state secrets" by two years, her lawyer said after an appeal in a case condemned by free speech advocates.

  • 1Malaysia and Sabri's segregation policy
    2015-11-26 18:49

    Interracial relationship in this country has been taut in recent years thanks to the irresponsible racist remarks by our government officials to advance their own political gains.

Interracial relationship in this country has been taut in recent years thanks to the irresponsible...
The thing is, he has been in power for seven years now, but has he actually done any evaluation...
We have squandered decades of our time beating around the same old issues; it is now time...

> More than a communication tool

2015-11-23 14:19
We not only need to salvage our increasingly poor command of languages, but also our crippled...

> Political void

2015-11-18 13:46
Against the backdrop of possible global economic slowdown and imminent terrorist threats...

> Dispelling prejudices

2015-11-17 14:36
If such prejudices are allowed to go on, they will entrench further the communication gap...

> Moderation vs extremism

2015-11-16 13:59
This is going to be an all-out war between moderation and extremism, civilization and barbarism...
This "Council of Elders" thing will only maim the rule of law, crush the democracy and deny...

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