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  • 'My child is sold': Mahathir
    2017-05-25 16:06

    "Proton has been sold. It has been sold to foreigners... They say Proton is my brainchild. Now the child of my brain has been sold."

  • Najib still most preferred candidate for PM: study
    2017-05-25 15:53

    31% of respondents feel that Najib remains their favorite choice for PM, vis-à-vis 8% for Anwar Ibrahim.

  • Taiwan's gay marriage ruling raises hopes across Asia
    2017-05-25 12:45

    Taiwan's giant step towards allowing same-sex marriage has reverberated across Asia, but activists warn the fight for equality isn't over in a region where gay sex remains illegal in some countries.

  • Transformation within ourselves
    2017-05-25 12:37

    One thing was absent in Vision 2020 and from the tone of things, remains to be overlooked by TN50: the people.

  • 'Smart genes' account for 20% of intelligence: study
    2017-05-25 10:06

    Scientists on Monday announced the discovery of 52 genes linked to human intelligence, 40 of which have been identified as such for the first time.

  • Duterte threatens martial law for all of Philippines
    2017-05-24 21:58

    Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte threatened Wednesday to impose martial law nationwide to combat the rising threat of terrorism, after Islamist militants beheaded a policeman and took Catholic hostages while rampaging through a southern city.

  • Fuel prices up 4 sen
    2017-05-24 18:11

    Prices of RON95, RON97 and diesel will all be increased by four sen to RM2.12, RM2.40 and RM2.03 per liter respectively.

  • Taiwan court rules in favor of gay marriage
    2017-05-24 16:24

    Taiwan's top court ruled in favour of gay marriage Wednesday, a landmark decision that paves the way for the island to become the first place in Asia to legalise same-sex unions.

One thing was absent in Vision 2020 and from the tone of things, remains to be overlooked...

> Who's shadow PM?

2017-05-24 13:51
The absence of a strong leader as shadow PM along with PPBM's singular goal orientation...

> Keep the momentum going

2017-05-23 19:16
We have had a good start for the national economy for 2017, and the government must do everything...
Structural problems of Malaysia's economy are no strangers to us: over-dependence on foreign...

> Who won the war?

2017-05-22 19:10
It was not won through the war itself, but peace.

> Being courteous

2017-05-22 17:11
No one is above the law. Anyone violating the law must be legally sanctioned.
News organizations are rallying support to fight the "post-truth" challenge. Difficult as...

> Nabbing the black sheep

2017-05-20 09:36
Full coordination from all quarters is pivotal to the success of MACC's graft-busting initiative...

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